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Each of the 34 courses available can be enrolled in individually, or in packages.  Each course is an approximately 1-hour session that consists of the opportunity for the students to interact with the associated artifacts, and a discussion exercise tailored for your specific class in accordance with your teacher's curriculum/recommendations.  If the Course List below doesn’t fit your needs, we can work together to develop the presentation you desire – from control of the discussion topics to selection of items to be presented.

Marian Anderson: The Black Queen of Opera

Marian Anderson reached world acclaim as one of the greatest operatic voices of all time.  Her brilliance and patience led to her breaking down barriers – as the first Black female solo performer at Carnegie Hall, to her historic performance in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Anderson fought discrimination with dignity and grace, showing the world how dignified and graceful Black women can be.


Artifacts: Signature of Marian Anderson, original programs from performances

Marian Anderson Cut Signature - This signature is believed to be cut from one of the thousands of contracts Marian Anderson over the course of her long and successful career in opera.

Brooklyn Academy of Music Program and Magazine - This program / magazine highlights Marian Anderson's performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 11, 1942. At the time of this performance Marian was in the prime of her career, having already received the Springarn Medal, the Bok Award, and numerous honorary doctorates. She was also three years removed from her historic performance in front of Lincoln Memorial, in the same spot Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would make his historic speech 24 years later.

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