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Why Nat Matters:

Nat Turner's Relevance Today

October 29, 2016 Julia Davis Branch, St. Louis Public Library

The Setup...

Saturday's presentation at the Julia Davis Public Library, located in the heart of St. Louis offered participants the opportunity to see up close original newspapers from September, October, and November, 1831 that chronicled the rebellion led by Nat Turner in late August of 1831. By analyzing Nat Turner's Confession along with related materials, we were able to look at his entire life, from his birth to his death at 31 years old - and draw many parallels to the plight of African-American youth today - from growing up under oppressive conditions being raised by a single mother and grandmother (after his father ran away), to having to confront the authorities trying to deny his freedom. There is much to be gained by understanding what made Nat Turner special - and the importance of ensuring our youth understand how special they are.

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